Helping SDRs & AEs research faster.

Research and craft highly personalized emails in a fraction of the time for faster, smarter outbound.

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Turning each touchpoint into
a human connection.

For every email you send, your prospect has a dozen or more competitors waiting in their inbox. Cut through the noise with a highly personalized message written in seconds.


More Email Replies

Control your messaging


Increase in Open Rates

Cut through the noise


Reduced prospecting time

Book more qualified meetings

Research and personalization made easy.

Content Library

Boost output

Speak to the value your company provides quickly and save time creating relevant value propositions in your outbound messaging.

With Unitus, you can upload and pull highly relevant value propositions, success metrics, and customer quotes from case studies to quickly use when you’re crafting a message. Or manually enter value propositions and success metrics for different products or segments.

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Research Tool

Comprehensive Research

Drastically reduce the time you spend scouring LinkedIn, Earnings Reports, news articles and Podcasts with our AI-Powered prospect research tool.

We automatically collect a wide array of highly relevant content from your prospect, so you can personalize each message and stand out in their inbox.

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Email Builder

Faster Engagement

Quickly compile that information into a high quality email with our step-by-step email builder.

Whether you need to personalize 2 lines or an entire message, you're able to select and organize unique talking points, add your own personal touch, and modify any aspect before clicking send.

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For SDRs

Get in front of and engage more qualified leads.  Quickly create custom, personalized emails that translate to better open, reply and engagement rates.

Boost prospect engagement

Personalized emails that make more human-to-human conversations possible.

Standout in a prospect's inbox

Increase visibility and deliverability with highly relevant research and structured frameworks
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For AEs

Focus more on closing deals and less on researching prospects. With high quality research and structured email frameworks, we help you get to qualification faster with every prospect.

In-depth prospect research

Quickly source and organize prospect research across channels like LinkedIn, news articles, blogs, etc.

Increase high-quality pipeline

Relevant personalization and messaging that leads to higher engagement and faster qualification.

For Sales Leaders

Built around the strategies of top performing SDRs and AEs, we turn outbound best practices into actionable workflows that uplift your entire team.

Scale in-depth personalization that boosts engagement

Streamline the research and email crafting process so your entire team can send more high quality, personalized emails

Increase high quality account and contact coverage

Reach more quality accounts and get to qualification faster when your entire team is aligned around outreach best practices.
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There wasn't a tool that did what we needed, so we built it ourselves.

Matt Baggott
Founder and CEO

Previously SDR at Attentive and Zylo
Charlie Parker

Previously Sr. SDR - Team Lead at Attentive